durational performance 22.02 – 07.08. 2010
Studio 1, Uferstudios, Berlin
video 8'15 (no sound)

Transformance is a video-event-work that activates and documents a five-month durational performance. Over this period of time, Nina Kurtela establishes a daily practice of visiting and witnessing the changes at the building site of the Uferstudios, Wedding, Berlin - the warehouse for the repair of public trams and buses becomes a dance institution. She is spectator to the making of an institution, an art institution, the making of the theater stage. The camera acts as a witness to her performing/witnessing. The piece emerges as a case study of an individual subject's encounter with the radical transformations of social structures and operative models within the performing society. The artist is present at the birth of Berlin's new contemporary dance center, an institution that will certainly come to play a part in shaping and organizing the dynamic of the city's dance community. The work emerges in the force field of a commitment to the daily execution of present-ness in relation to the specific context where this act takes place: the building site of the theater. What unfolds is a 8-minute work with multi-faceted implications. The body is rendered a statue through the changes of time. The screen becomes the performing skin.

Alf Chojnacki / Roy Thorsten / Ingo Kowalkowski / Ingo Becker / Danny Heine / Jens Stein / Christopher Liebke / Silvio Flücken / Jens Gorgast / Holger Wegner / Andres Müller / Anatoli Weber / Hans Rogalski /Siggi Gröschke / Maik Richter / Lothar Schulze / Olaf Herrmann / Marc Riedel / Mike Nielebock / Steven Grüner / Holger Knuth / Marco Ebert / Steffen Ritter / Peter Bittner / Jürgen Pfeifer / Jens Bleschschmidt / Jan Leeb / Roland Simchen / Michael Schönfeld / Thomas Weißner / Christow Hering / Udo Rennebarth / heinz herlitz / Marysia Zimpel / Gilad Ben Ari / Isabelle Schad / Franz Anton Cramer / Martin Sonderkamp / Hanna Sybille Müller / Barbara Friedrich / Eva-Maria Bakardjiev / Felix Mathias Ott / Anat Eisenberg / Dmitry Paranyuskin / Andrej Mir?ev / Mara Nedelcu / Michael Norton / Justin Francis Kennedy / Saša Kova?evi? / Milka Djordjevich / Dragana Bulut / Jessica Taylor / Janja Sesar / Ligia Manuela Lewis / Marija Merkwelt Ivoševi? / Ivana Vukši?/ Barbara Greiner / Lito Walkey / Ehud Darash / Alexander Baczynski-Jenkins / Maya Dalinsky / Eric Green / Kattrin Deufert und Thomas Plischke.

Special thanks:
Barbara Friedrich / Conny Breitkreutz / heinz herlitz / David Berge / Volker Wiedman / Marysia Zimpel / Felix Mathias Ott / Sabine Trautwein / Eva Maria Hoester / Timo Schulze / Martina Piltz / Pero Vojkovi? / Steffen Martin / Miro Požar / Alfred Kolombo / Alexander Baczynski-Jenkins

Technical details:
Length of the durational performance: 100 days (every working day from 22.02 till 07.08. 2010)
Length of the video: 8’15 min
Location: Studio 1, Uferstudios, Berlin
Year of production: 2010
Screening formats: BETA SP, digi BETA, HD CAM, Blu-Ray disk
Production grant: HAVC Croatian Audio Visual Center, Zagreb
Supported by: UFERSTUDIOS Berlin, HZT Berlin
Country of production: Croatia/ Germany
Concept/ realization: Nina Kurtela

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