Sculpture / Live installation - dimensions variable
Galery PM (HDLU), Zagreb, 2007

KuperKavijarGTX (600x600x176cm) metal, glass, sponge, upholstery, textile print, tires, aluminum, mirror glass
Turning plate
Video projection
Two model-hostess
Two host-leaders of the show
Lottery tickets, plexi box
DJ & VJ set

Hosts: Tvrtko Juric and Maja Kovac
Models: Anja Dragic and Maja Reichl
Special guest: Petra Kurtela
Light design: Zdravko Šeric
Musik and sound: Sanjin Kaštelan
Catalog layout and video visuals: Ana Šafar
Video documetation: Tino Turk
Photo documentation: Boris Cvjetanovic

Autoshow is a social event, a performance and an installation. It includes a produced object (a car named kuper kavijar gtx) and a directed performance along (reenactment of a car show). It questions the idea of presenting an object, thing or individual, one self (auto) in the society that surrounds us. The way we try to present something or someone (our self) to an audience. What kind of things is successful in today's consumer-oriented society where everything is available and where the system of values has been turned upside- down? How to use good marketing tricks to present and in the same time, to "sell" an "equally" well-packed product? I am dealing with the questions of self-presentation and position of the artist or art in a specific environment, social constellation, specially addressing Balkan countries or countries in transition. This work also addresses topics like status anxiety, social (un) awareness and economics in countries in transition, art market, market, wild capitalism, consumer society, society of spectacle, desire objects. The car (auto-mobil) is presented as an object that lost its basic function – mobility- and became an organ of self-presentation – auto. AUTOSHOW deals with the idea of object presentation, a new brand on the market and its relation to the presentation of the self in society. Desire to possess, to show off or way to present oneself through objects that people possess and use to create social status. In countries like ours, where people drive fancy cars bought on loans, without having money for basic existential needs …

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