sretan rodjendan

Live installation / dimensions variable
Gallery Križic-Roban, Zagreb 2006

Metal-glass cases x3
Birthday presents
Leftovers of beverage and food
Plastic and paper decoration
Disco ball
Music soundtrack
Polaroid photos taken during the event

Birthday party organized in gallery space was my first solo show and attempt to question the boundaries between the artist and the spectator. Facilitating the event-situation such as egoistic celebration of the birth of self and its replacement into the context of gallery opening provokes the conditions for a new reflection on the different methods of representation, production and interpretation of an artifact. The work is created and celebrated with and by everybody’s presence. Distributing the responsibility among participants I am trying to create a common ground, which we all can equally consume, create and experience. The success of the evening is determined by the atmosphere that we all create together.
The guests were kindly invite to bring presents. All the gifts were placed in a 3 big plexiglas boxes in on one side wall of a gallery. As they were brought in they were becoming an artifacts it self. The Polaroid photos were taken during the event and simultaneously hanged on the wall in a line around the gallery. People could serve them self with the beverage and the food that was exposed. Suddenly the space was transformed in a warm colorful naive event of celebration. A mess, leftovers from a previous day, traces and elements of the process stayed in gallery like an exhibition of an event that happened as a nostalgic, sad melancholy memory of the past.