there is a void in the house

Installation / dimension variable
H. Klum Fine Art Gallery, Portland, Oregon, US 2012

...For this exhibition, the artist has responded to the site of the gallery as an apartment, utilizing red dots to mark objects or elements permanently stationed at H. Klum Fine Art. A refrigerator, a windowsill, a wall, and a toilet are suggested goods – artworks, in their location. Peripheral objects and architectures become primary.

Acting under “representation,” Nina Kurtela has flipped the function of the gallery as site of exchange and services, into a saleable work site.

Interrogating her relationship with the gallery further, the artist has, in collaboration with the gallery, drawn up a contract. Xeroxed stacks of these contracts are available at the gallery as public takeaways. These copies act as transparent signifiers, alluding to the use-value of the artist’s relationship to the gallery and acting as an intervention between the function of the gallery and the artist, the site and the artwork itself...

Text by John David Knight and Lydia Rosenberg