Live installation / dimensions variable
Gallery VN, Zagreb, 2010
Photo documentation by Domagoj Blaževic

Seven washing machines and dryers
Plastic pipes
Lundry baskets
Hanging rope
Ironing set
Waiting seats

Socio-cultural meeting place for washing dirty laundry

In Croatia there are no public laundromats whatsoever. Interesting fact that Zagreb, city of almost one million inhabitants does not have any public place for washing dirty laundry triggers questions about the origin of this custom, about its acceptance in different localities and acts as certain kind of metaphor of society. By placing a free public laundromat in a state owned gallery I m questioning political, historical and economical implication of this intimate action that has been executed publicly.
The gallery became a place of gathering, exchange and common activity among artist, curators, cultural workers, students, pensioners, heavy social cases and homeless people. More than 100 people washed their laundry during the 10 days long exhibition. As people in Zagreb are not accustomed to visit galleries except for the openings this was one of the most visited exhibitions in the gallery VN.

* photo documentation during the exhibition