4 days performance as a part of site-specific project "X-Choreografen"
Commissioned by Tanz Im August and Tanznacht Berlin, 2012
Curated by Anna Wagner
Assistance Igor Koruga
Photo and video documentation by Jessie Holmes, Kandis Williams and Maja Cule

Performance piece "Interiors" was commissioned by Tanz Im August Festival and HAU Theater in Berlin. It was perform as a part of the X-Choreografen project where several interventions in public space by young artists were shown in Kurfuerstendamm (West Berlin) dealing with the subject of the West. The performance was conducted in cycles lasting daily 8 hours during four days.

By putting my self into a showcase - which represents a trademark of popular Kurfuertendamm shopping street - and doing "nothing", just "resting" inside, I question the role of the artist in todays society. I am also interested in different ways of looking at the performing body, gender and woman in relation to commercialization of the object. I am curious to investigate modes of social choreography that has been created by placing such a situation in a public realm and observing its implications on surrounding environment. Referring to Stilinovi?'s Ode to Laziness, I question relationships and positions of eastern and western artists in contemporary capitalist society. By putting a performers body into a space intended for the commercial presentation of merchandise, I explore various ways of perceiving art, artists and market as well as intimacy and a space between public and private.