21st September 2018, Royal Albert Hall London

Innervisions is excited to present its collaboration with Nina Kurtela live on stage at Royal Albert Hall. Nina Kurtela (born 1981 in Zagreb, Croatia) is a visual artist and a dance maker. Her work evolves around choreography, installation, performance and video, thereby effortlessly transgressing the lines between different fields. Performing internationally in a variety of contexts – from museums and galleries to festivals and public places in Berlin, Zagreb, New York, Sarajevo, Tokyo, Vienna, Paris… – this will be the first time that Nina Kurtela will present an ongoing performance practice in a concert hall. She will dance a fragment from “365 routines”, a video and performance piece created together with the artist Hana Erdmann. Throughout 2018, Innervisions has drawn from “365 routines” to create its cover art and visual identity. With the performance at Royal Albert hall the collaboration between Nina Kurtela and Innervisions will go full circle. Merging movement, music and video projections to envelop the visual fragility of the dancing body on stage, Nina Kurtela’s performance will intend to subtly challenge the contemporary idea of high-performance. Rather, and comparable to all the dancers out there, every move will be a code transferring inner states of self-consciousness, sensitivity and sensuality into the space of the social body.

Royal Albert Hall London Innervisions

Nominations for Berlin Art Prize 2018
31st August, exhibitions opening,The Shelf, Berlin

“Productive Work – What is it supposed to be?” at frei_raum Q21, MuseumsQuartier Vienna
opening on the 27.06.2018, 19:00

Artists: Bar du Bois (AUT), Igor Eškinja (HRV), Dušica Dražić (SRB/BEL), Tomislav Gotovac (HRV) & Dražen Žarković (HRV), Ana Hušman (HRV), Jiří Kovanda (CZE), Nina Kurtela (HRV) & Hana Erdman (USA), Dariia Kuzmych (UKR/DEU) & Svitlana Selezneva (UKR), Christina Lammer (AUT), Tihana Mandušić (HRV), Damir Nikšić (BIH), Alicja Rogalska (POL/GBR) & Łukasz Surowiec (POL), Nika Rukavina (HRV), Irena Sladoje (BIH) & Iva Simčić (BIH), Borjana Ventzislavova (AUT/BGR), Jakub Vrba (AUT/CZE)

Curated by Anamarija Batista


As a part of 10th curatorial platform dedicated to performance case studies Nina Kurtela will
give artist talk on the topic Leftovers of endurance.
16th of May at 20h, Atelje Jagoda, Zagreb

Cite des Arts Paris – Nina Kurtela will give artist talk on the topic Leftovers of endurance
28th of March at 19h, (studio 8115) 18 Rue de l’Hôtel de ville, 75004 Paris

Innervisions cover art 2018
A collaboration with the artists Nina Kurtela and Hana Erdman

How is movement affected by the extreme working conditions of today like constant mobility, dislocation, homelessness, exhaustion? Is there a form of communication over distance that functions without speech or signs? Can dance be an imaginary space of belonging? In 2018 Innervisions explores these questions with its cover art through a collaboration with Nina Kurtela and Hana Erdman, two artists and long distance friends. Images taken from their project „365 routines“ depict bits from a year long choreography, their only form of contact. The choreography was developed by exchanging dance movements on a daily basis through video. Routine after routine a sense of remote togetherness unravels on screen. Dancing becomes home for the two.
Since „365 routines“ is a video, Innervisions will coordinatly expand the frame of its visual communication. For that reason the label invited the graphic designer Rafaela Drazic to join the collaboration. Throughout the year Rafaela will create derivates from the videos. Derivates are extracted video stills paired with a typographic and chromatic environment suitable for the hybrid media involved in releases online and in print. In doing so Innervisions attempts to capture the atmosphere of dancing as a humane bond in the age of non-human interaction.

Text by Ana Ofak

The Wall project received Japanese Media Art Festival New Face Award.
The exhibition of award winning works will run from 16.09 – 28.10. 2017 at Tokyo
Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
Artist talk will be held on 18th of September at 14h at at Tokyo Opera City Art
Gallery, Tokyo

365 routines (work in progress) presented during 3AM EVENT
27th August 2017, 3AM event, Am Flutgraben 3, Berlin

Into Thin Air; group show with Marc Buchy, Antonije Burić, Stefan Klein, Nina Kurtela, Sujin Lim,
Julieta Ortiz de Latierro, Saman Pourisa.
Curated by Julieta Ortiz de Latierro and Stefan Klein.
05th – 20th September 2017, Gallery SC, Zagreb

Khora; solo show / site specific intervention
25th June – 23rd July, Gallery Flora, Dubrovnik

365 routines (work in progress) as a part of GMK coproduction program
Performances / open rehearsals:
Friday 16.06 at 19h
Saturday 17.06. at 19h
Sunday 18.06. at 19h
Tuesday 20.06. at 19h

Video installation can be viewed from 16. to 24.6 in the working hours of the gallery:
Tuesday – Friday (12-19)
Saturday (11-13)

Artist talk will be held after the final performance on Tuesday 20.06 at 19h